High Reynolds number turbulence is characterized by extreme spatio-temporal complexity.
The long term goal of this research is understanding of the statistical properties of such turbulent flows based on the first principles.
In particular, we focus on the phenomenon of intermittency which is related to nonuniform distribution of strong fluctuations in nonlinear dissipative systems such as the Navier-Stokes turbulence.
In our work we address the issues of universality of various properties characterizing intermittency.




  Nicholas Kevlahan  

Bartosz Protas



  • Importance of pressure measurements for reconstruction of wall bounded turbulent flows
  • Characterization of 2D enstrophy cascades using geometrical alignments
  • Non-universality of scaling exponents in 3D nonhomogeneous turbulence
  • Non-universality of scaling exponents in 2D nonhomogeneous turbulence